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  • unhealthy food … don’t have enough fiber. Low fiber means it will be much harder for your body to get the residue out the food of your system after you’ve digested it. A good example of a food low in fiber would be white bread. Two slices of white bread will give you only about 1 gram of fiber. Not nearly enough for a healthy gut.

    unhealthy food … take nutrients from your body and leave you more nutritionally deficient than before you ate them. A good example would be soda pop drinks that are high in caffeine, sugar, and phosphorus. These drinks do not provide your body with any nutrition. They are full of caffeine, sugar, and phosphorus which cause your body to lose calcium from your bones.

  • If you are from those women who are constantly busy with business or personal commitments, or you are a workaholic, you may happen to forget to take care of your body. When it comes to work you are quite organized. However, as it comes to food it is just the opposite. As a result, you usually skip having breakfast in the morning and tend to eat on the run or even while you are working. Moreover, you do not pay attention what and how much you eat.

  • Ce genre de situation ne devrait strictement pas arriver...

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